Rae Morris at The Engine Rooms Southampton – 15/10/15

So I haven’t reviewed a live act for quite some time but I was so touched by Rae’s voice tonight that I couldn’t resist the urge to write about it.

Incase you don’t know, Rae Morris combines heartwarming lyrics with a cheery yet moving tone. Presenting her unbelievably beautiful voice along with her skill to play the piano makes for some enjoyable listening, particularly alongside drums, synth and bass guitar. Plus, much like myself, she’s a September baby so that makes her automatically awesome in my books!

Being my second time seeing Morris, I already had a good idea of what to expect from one of her shows; a variation of energetic dancing and powerful vocals that will cause your hair to stand on end. There was more than one moment where her voice echoed through the long room that is The Engine Rooms and caused shivers to shoot up my spine. This feeling was of course accompanied by her loveably awkward stage presence. It is not the kind of awkwardness where it causes the crowd to feel uncomfortable but in fact the opposite, as it creates a sense of unity amongst her and her fans. Every moment she spoke you could tell she wasn’t quite used to making ‘that speech’ that almost every act is expected to make these days but again it wasn’t awkward in the slightest. By mentioning the subject matter she actually created a humorous and relaxing atmosphere for herself and her fans.

Right, down to the musical stuff. I don’t think I’ve seen someone play clearer. It could be because she doesn’t overwhelm herself with bass but it wouldn’t be fair to put it all down to that. When singing she manages to hit every note perfectly, on keyboard and vocally. All the while, she is dancing and puts Willow Smith to shame by “whipping her hair back and fourth”. I would definitely want to see her head banging to some metal music with those flamboyant curls!

Another thing that was perfectly executed was the “local gig feel”. Since her album release and multiple festival appearances I was worried that her live atmosphere would change some. But this certainly wasn’t the case at all. You could see that each round of applause that she received was followed by a genuine thank you. This is something that isn’t always present these days and definitely doesn’t go unappreciated amongst fans.

12167564_10156153362910015_1778831702_nPerhaps something that gave it that special feel was the fact that it was the last show on the tour and that always makes for a memorable one. She didn’t need a fancy light show or background dancers. Pyrotechnics or flashy graphics. She only needs to show up on stage and this is a priceless asset I hope she never loses.

Her sound was just something that cannot be described. So clear and awe-inspiring. When you hear her voice, she sounds just like she does on record and that’s not an exaggeration.

And if you’re reading this Rae, all the best on the new album, Myself and many others cannot wait to hear it!

P.s My partner still hasn’t forgiven you for blocking her view during Bombay Bicycle Club back in 2014 with your luscious locks!


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