Star Wars Battlefront is Unleashed!

It’s been ten long years. I know, I couldn’t believe it either. We’ve battled through terrible handheld spin off’s, squandered our time in various Star Wars titles since the release of Battlefront II have and even had our hearts broken by the whispers of a Battlefront III.

But finally it’s here for those in Europe, Australia and pretty much everywhere apart from North America where for some reason the release date was three days earlier. We had to suffer a few more days of waiting for…well no reason at all really.

Bravely, the game has veered away from it’s extensive single-player campaign that allowed the player to follow the story of a stormtrooper, fight freely in any era on any planet and take over the galaxy; possibly my favourite feature. One that is unfortunately not available on the latest instalment.

However, this is not the most shocking news. There will be no clone wars! I know, it’s an outrage, some of my fondest memories came from that era.

Clone Trooper in Star Wars: Battlefront II. Source:

Fighting as clone troopers with various abilities and using their uniquely styled craft was definitely a highlight in the previous instalments for me. Plus they look pretty bad-ass.

However, the highly anticipated title is offering a range of new single player modes such as ‘Survival’ which allows the player to battle waves of AT-STs, TIE Fighters, elite stormtroopers and more. With a different Survival mission on every planet.

The classic ‘Battle’ mode makes a reappearance allowing the player to fight alongside the rebel alliance or the Empire

Hero battles also return…

“Star Wars Battlefront Hero Battles let you live out your Star Wars battle fantasies by letting you play as Luke Skywalker, Darth Vader, and more. Feel the power as you master moves like Saber Rush or Force Choke as some of the most iconic characters in the galaxy.” –

As someone that who prefers offline to online gameplay (I know I’m a bit old school) I feel that EA have simply followed suit and prioritised online play. Which is disappointing, as in previous games, online was more of an add-on as opposed to a central feature but it still looks like there will be lots to do in single player mode.

The Multiplayer

As expected, the game has a huge variety of multiplayer modes from large 40-player battles to smaller modes for designed for 8 players. The first is one that will be well known to previous players; ‘Fighter Squadron’. In this game mode players take to the skies and battle it out with other players, sweeping across the landscape in classic vehicles such as X-wings, Tie Fighters and the legendary Millennium Falcon. Unfortunately this will have little similarity to the ‘Space Battle’ mode in Battlefront II.


Also included in the multiplayer is ‘Supremacy’ in which the rebels and empire go head-to-head and attempt to capture five key points located across the map. The fact that this mode makes use of both land and air vehicles, as well as having 40 players running around the map like headless chickens makes it sound like a lot of fun!

The mode ‘Cargo’ is your classic capture the flag but instead of capturing a flag, you capture cargo boxes. Not much more can be said really, it’s been done before but at least EA gave it its own Star Wars spin.

Another is ‘Droid Run’ which involves two teams of six, battling it out whilst attempting to find the droids. In the words of EA “These are the droids you’re looking for.”

Walker Assault; another 40-player online battle. Presumably inspired by the battle on Hoth in Star Wars: Episode 5. Battlefront II touched upon this but I’m looking forward to playing an extensive version that focuses on taking down the walkers.

Source: Erik Kane –

Other game modes include:

  • ‘Blast’ which is simply a Team Deathmatch; again, another classic mode with a fancy name.
  • ‘Drop Zone’, a mode where escape pods come crashing down, your team of 8 must fight over and protect them. Sounds like the capturing of command posts in Battlefront I & II but with a twist.
  • Heroes vs. Villains, regurgitated from Battlefront II and pretty self explanatory but with the addition of standard rebel soldiers and stormtroopers .
  • Hero Hunt, an interesting addition to the Battlefront series in which one player is the hero and all other players work together to take them down.

A Search and Destroy styled gameplay would have been pretty fun to play though or at least a mode where you only get one life. I find that can make things a lot more interesting. However, it does seem that EA have done a lot more to add in a variety of different features and gameplay modes. It’s just a shame that it came at the cost of cutting down on single player modes and the disappearance of The Clone Wars.

Possibly the most anticipated game of the decade. This will surely be one to remember.



5 thoughts on “Star Wars Battlefront is Unleashed!

  1. See, it sounds interesting, but the more things go along, it seems more and more people are disappointed with it. I haven’t had a chance to play it yet, but it seems like there are downfalls enough where there are a few returns/people selling their copies.

    I am unsure if they were able to make up for getting rid of Single Player mode completely. Do you think they’ll try to make up for it later? I can’t see a way to try to fix it.

    It was a big risk… I just hope it was worth it. Not going to like, I really want to try it out still. The nerd/kid in me says I have to.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. A very big risk! I would say they’ll make up for it via DLC but atm there’s only an additional planet up for grabs but they have just secured a 10 year deal to make Star Wars games I think so maybe further down the line EA won’t be so narrow-minded!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Hopefully they do what some of the other companies have failed to do and it led to failures and shut downs: Listened to their gamers. Er… customers. If they pay attention and heed what people say and work towards making it better with the gamers in mind, they may dig themselves out of this easily.

        But then, I could be absolutely and completely wrong.

        Give me a DLC that doesn’t cost much (free even) and maybe I’ll give them some slack. ;D

        Liked by 1 person

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