The One Hundred at The Anvil Rock Bar Bournemouth

So it has been a while since I wrote about anything related to music but tonight I experienced something that hadn’t felt since I was head-banging at 17.

It was the perfect sweat box that we all remember from our teenage years. The support bands were small but well chosen and definitely appreciated. They filled the room with a subtle energy that infused the crowd into a unity in which I have not felt for many years. Support was given by DEFERENCE and Seething Akira who shook the walls and floors with their take on the metal scene.


Our Hollow Our Home were late to come on but it was certainly worth the wait. Within moments the floor, the walls and the ceiling were moving with the the sweaty bodies of Bournemouth. The reaction is something I can only describe as atomic. Suddenly Bournemouth became alive and was moving as one.

Then the act everyone had been waiting for graced the part of the room that is elevated mere inches from the ground. The One Hundred. Finally they were back on their own scene. A breath of fresh air from their prolonged tour around UK festivals.

Credit: Carly Jackson Photography

It was everything a fan could have wanted and needless to say, they were definitely overwhelmed by the reaction that they received. I found myself on the imaginary barrier of the venue; a place in which I have not dwelled for many years.


This was unlike any show I had seen before. It took me back to the years when I followed local post-hardcore bands but instead replaced these nobodies with a somebody that is actually going somewhere. Suddenly I was face to face with one of my favourite bands, surrounded by strangers that felt like friends. It was a feeling that is unfortunately now rare amongst gig-goers. Security wasn’t needed and neither was a barrier. There was no separation between the fan and artist. Everyone was equal and this is what made this experience.

Credit: Carly Jackson Photography

It was clear that despite the road that they had travelled with some of the giants of metal, it had not affected their presence. The first time I saw them was when they supported Hacktivist, they were out of depth but still fought their corner and came out on top.
Since then I’ve seen them at a handful of festivals and walked away each time a little bit more disappointed to the point where I questioned even attending tonight, but I’m so glad I did. Within moments my faith was regained. Their sound that had been diminished slightly by bigger stages became what it once was. Loud, crisp and clear. No fancy light shows, just a great band with natural talent.



I’ve had the chance to bump into Jacob on a number of occasions and he is still the same genuine guy each time, despite the bands rising suc12338471_751622694968562_1083722866_ncess and this genuineness becomes clear each time they play to a crowd, big or small. Every fan could see the genuine appreciation on their face as they finished each song. The intimacy of this gig was what made it feel like it might just be one of the best shows I ever go to. It was so energetic that I had to stop myself from face-planting Phil’s bass guitar on several occasions but I would do it all over again!

It wasn’t just the fact that the band can play live, they had a comedic presence that’s always nice to see at these kinds of shows. They mocked the idea of an encore stating that they didn’t have anywhere to go off and hide and clung to hopes that the crowd actually wanted to hear another song; which obviously we did.

They played a good mix of new stuff and old stuff, by old stuff I mean the only tracks they have released. This was what made my night, I was beginning to tire from hearing the same songs over and over, despite my love for them. Jacob even made the joke that the ‘new’ unreleased stuff probably wasn’t new to many people in the room but the crowd still erupted with a cheer. A selection of new material was played that only made the fans hungry for more. Definitely can’t wait for them to release a debut album.

You did well boys. Definitely looking forward to the next time you guys are playing nearby again!

P.s Apologies to Jacob and Phil for stroking your faces and moshing a little too hard.



8 thoughts on “The One Hundred at The Anvil Rock Bar Bournemouth

  1. Just checked them out expecting something Enter Shikari. These guys definitely have their own sound, especially with the rapping. I’ve been liking the post-hardcore stuff coming out of the UK lately (like CROOKS)

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    1. Thank you for your kind words Lloyd, they’re very much appreciated 🙂 I think this is one of the stronger pieces I have written. Currently writing up one about Star Wars, you see it yet?

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      1. Yeah. I had decided I would avoid a midnight premiere and then I found out my old local cinema was running them every hour throughout the morning. I was about to go to bed at 1:30am and instead I hopped in my car, drove across town and saw it at 3am. I’ve seen it twice. As the film goes on and becomes more of a remake of Star Wars it started to lose me a bit. I’m not happy about the outcome of that final fight either but you know what? I’m really looking forward to Episode VIII and I’m most looking forward to it because I’ve fallen in love instantly with these new characters. Nitpicks aside, they got it right. Star Wars is back. 🙂

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