David Bowie’s Top 10 Moments

The start of this week has been a been a bitter one. Within hours, millions across the globe fell into a mood of sorrow and gloom. His sudden passing at the age of 69 has left many fans devastated and a little sore. We just weren’t ready, but the truth is, we were never going to be. It’s hard to prepare for the loss of icons such as David Bowie but all we can do is remember him for the legend that he was.

In reality, everyone has a soft spot for him and anyone who says they haven’t is lying. His music contained so much variety and innovative sound that when combined with his catchy lyrics and much loved charm it reached out to such a diversity of audiences; making it impossible not to love this man.

So maybe you don’t like Bowie, sometimes us writers like to exaggerate a little but you wouldn’t be reading this if you didn’t. So without further ado, we’ll kick off with one of my personal favourites, his appearance on Extras.

In no particular order…

1. The Moment Bowie rid Ricky Gervais of any dignity

Extras was a Sitcom that aired between the years of 2005 and 2007. Following the story of Andy Millman, an aspiring actor who just can’t seem to make the big break, which results in him being placed into some pretty funny situations.

The video above shows Bowie combining three of his greatest qualities, his voice, acting and whit, kind of (Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant wrote the lyrics)

Here you can see Bowie talking of how fun it was to work with Gervais and to join every other character in making Andy’s a life a miser; because who doesn’t like seeing Ricky being the pun of the joke.

2. When he challenged the lack of black artists featured on MTV

Bowie was best known for his music and history of drug abuse but he had many moments where he would tackle crucial contemporary issues.

3. The first song he recorded as “David Bowie”

Not my favourite and certainly not his best but I still can’t help but tap my foot to the beat and more importantly you have to appreciate the moment the star himself was born.

4. His appearance in one of the best Christmas films of all time

Bowie made an appearance in the re-released version of the short. Not his best performance by any means but one that is dear to our hearts. Christmas may be over but it’s never too late to appreciate The Snowman.

5. His unforgettable role as The Goblin King

Another famous performance that sent chills up our spines and left us with nightmares. His role as the dreaded Goblin King.

I don’t know what I loved most, his ability to scare me as a child or the fact that he was still loveable, even as the bad guy. Plus, who doesn’t love an 80’s film?

6. The sound of Bowie placed over photos of dying Nazi’s

Now, who doesn’t love a bad guy that gets his comeuppance? And who doesn’t like David Bowie? (if your answer is “not me” you should have left this article a while back). Now put the two together and you get Inglorious Basterds, one of Tarantino’s finest.

7. Bowies duet with Nine Inch Nails

Before the legend that is Johnny Cash produced a cover, N.I.N and Bowie bizarrely toured together. I wouldn’t have put them together originally but this stellar performance writes off any doubts.

8. Space Oddity

His first No.1 single and the BBC soundtrack to the 1969 moon landing.

9. Band Aid (1984)

Another Christmas themed moment but an unforgettable one nonetheless. The song pretty much speaks for itself.

10. In his own words, marrying his wife

The old romantic said that ‘marrying his wife’ was his greatest achievement. Who said romance was dead? 

And also for leaving us with the pronounciation of “Bowie”. Us brits are familiar with the “Scone” argument but this is a whole new debate.

“The star tended to pronounce his own name – which he adopted at the age of 18 – to rhyme with ‘showy’ or ‘snowy’, rather than like ‘wow-ee’.

However, he once admitted he had no idea how it should be said, suggesting that because of the name’s Scottish origins it should really be ‘boo-ee’.” – Daily Mail

Was it Bowie like “wow” or “woe”?

These are just my top 10, there’s not enough space on the internet to write a list of all of his greatest moments. What did you think his great moment was?


11 thoughts on “David Bowie’s Top 10 Moments

  1. Fun fact: Including a David Bowie song in your work is a surefire way to increase its quality. To wit, I remember thinking it was awesome when “Starman” appeared in The Martian.

    We lost a legend two days ago. It’s a real shame that he died the way he did. May he rest in peace.

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  2. I did not know about No. 2. Thanks Jimmy, this is a really nice collection of small insights into the man’s character and big career moments. In a review I did of The Martian I revelled in the choice of Bowie’s Starman for what is the best scene in the film. There are a million examples like that. Say for example the perfect use of Under Pressure in Grosse Pointe Blanke with John Cusack. His music most definitely will live on but he was a true artist in so many ways. A sad day, hell a sad month when it comes to musicians.

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      1. yeah very similar to The Martian in ways. I think he is better suited having his music in film rather than him though. Despite his loveable performance in a handful of films

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      2. I really do have to see some more Bowie’s acting. I’ve only real seen Labyrinth and Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me. The rest I’ve seen are really cameos including that delightful one in Zoolander.


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