Remembering Alan Rickman’s Best Moments

It has been a very dark start to 2016 and even worse start to the week, particularly for those in Britain. With the loss of David Bowie on Monday morning, there is now another addition to that feeling of misery.

Best known for his role as Snape in the Harry Potter series, Die Hard and his involvement in the theatre. Another amazing talent has met an untimely end. Alan Rickman has died at the age of 69 after a battle with cancer.

I found myself chuckling away at his serious but loveable character of Snape just last night, little did I know he wouldn’t be with us the next day. So what better thing is there to than to celebrate his greatest moments.


1. Snape – The moment of revelation


[Spoiler Alert] Snape turns out to be good all along and with a little help from a well written script, he delivered one of the best moments in his career. Despite having quite the love-hate relationship, we as an audience, really do have a soft spot for Snape and we begin to see why he did everything that he did and more importantly why he distanced himself from Harry from the start.

2. Marvin – The miserable but hilarious android


The manically depressed robot was designed as he was to seem more human. So basically we’re all miserable and sarcastic beings. Pretty accurate.

3. Marvin and his most relatable quotes


Miserable, maybe a little annoying at times but he most certainly comes out with a lot of relatable quotes. He’s great for those hungover and stay in bed all-day days.

4. “I’m going to count to three”

[Warning – Graphic Content] Offered to Rickman just two days after he arrived in LA aged 41, his infamous role as Hans Gruber reminds us that before his role as the loveable rogue that is Snape, he was a pretty scary guy. Capable of killing in cold blood with ease, Hans is not someone I ever want to cross. This role would end up being a pinnacle moment in his career.

5. “I’m going to cut your heart out with a spooooon”

Another loveable villain role with some amazing lines to go with it. It’s a shame that the good guy always has to prevail, the Sheriff of Nottingham is definitely more loved than Robin Hood in this Robin Hood tale. His role turned out to be the strongest in the film, winning a Bafta award in the process.

6. Absalom the caterpiller

Not the best of films and certainly nothing on the 1951 Alice in Wonderland but a good mysterious and dark performance from Rickman.

7. Karen and Harry’s marriage

Although not the happiest of marriages, it is this realistic and believable heartbreak that caused many fans to love the pair.

8. “Turn to page 394”


Another great moment from Snape. His delayed and monotoned voice gives even the most serious moments a touch of comedy.

9. The moment Dolores Umbridge humiliated Snape

By this point in the series, we were beginning to take a little more of a liking towards Snape and had turned our attentions to hating Umbridge. This was obviously Snape’s best moment. Another great example of how his voice alone generated so much comedy.

10. The Dumbledance


Being a popular GIF used by fans, he may not be the centre of attention here but his mere presence adds so much to the moment. By far my favourite Harry Potter GIF.

Here’s a selection of more of his moments in pictures:

It seems that more serious he tried to act, the funnier he got.

We applaud your excellence…

giphy (1)

…and will be forever in our hearts.

I hope no more of our favourite stars are hitting the age of 69 anytime soon…

What did you think his greatest moment was?


6 thoughts on “Remembering Alan Rickman’s Best Moments

  1. Thanks Jimmy I had completely forgotten about Marvin and as soon as I saw the gif I could hear saying the lines. I think Snape and Hans are the ones we’ll always remember. But I’ve always loved Colonel Brandon in Sense and Sensibility and really need to get around to seeing Truly, Madly, Deeply. Dogma and Galaxy Guest featured great funny roles and he directed this great film recently with Kate Winslet. I read somewhere he’d been with his wife since 1965. Legend and very sad for his family. But I think you’ve captured his best work and why his portrayal of Snape is so wonderful. Another killer line in Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves. He points at two whores and says you at “9:30 and you at 10 o’clock.” And then as he’s walking away he calls out “and bring a friend!”.

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