Alien Ant Farm @ Engine Rooms Southampton 28/10/16

Wait, what? Alien Ant Farm played Southampton? If you missed them, you didn’t miss much.

What started as an incredibly warm and heated gig turned out to be something that just fizzled into a huge volcano of nothing. A band that many of us have regarded quite highly for the last decade was brought back to life when they announced the “complete” performance of ‘Anthology’. This performance was originally met by great expectations and intense hype after the support bands but was only to be doused by the lack of variety in their performance.

Dryden Mitchell shot across the stage with such confidence that could cause the most experienced frontman to quiver and delivered a positive outlook on what was to come. The lights were bright and the air was hot and steamy but the lack of deliverance was common feeling after three or four songs.

It soon became apparent that Alien Ant Farm had no interest in playing the ‘commercial unsuccesses’ or pleasing the masses and this was just another gig that was much smaller than they had played in previous years. They must at all costs play what was commercially successful.

Despite the majority of their hits being ignored such as ‘Wish’ and ‘Movies’ (Big hits on the album that was supposedly to be played in full by the way), they did smash it. They got the crowd hyped and bouncing but the whole show was jeopardised by the idea that it felt like they didn’t want to be there.

The set began around 20:45 and finished before 21:30.

I’ve never been to a concert that has ended that early. The album was not only not played in full but everything else they had ever bothered to write and record had been ignored. They gave it their all but the length of their set gave the impression that they didn’t want to be there.

Where was ‘Movies’, ‘Wish’ and anything from Up in the Attic? Oh yeah that album isn’t even acknowledged by Spotify; can I have my money back please?

Rating: 2/5


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